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Any parent  who has been divorced will tell you they have experienced a wee bit of fear over how the divorce has affected our children.  This is a perfect little story from one dad’s experience.


By Jim Smith

I believe there comes a time in our lives when we question our worth; both our financial worth and our self worth. For me, over the last several years my doubt had included both. However, one weighed on me more than the other.

Several years ago my wife of over twenty years made the decision she would be happier and better off without me. This decision brought on a plethora of emotions and questions for me. “What had I done wrong?”  “What could I have done better?” “Did she love someone else?” The list was endless. But the biggest question was “How would my son view me?” I had no concern what the immediate world thought. The world’s opinion didn’t matter. Even when my father in law told me, with a tear in his eye, that he would always love me, the only thing I could think of about was how I would look in my son’s eyes.

As a father it is natural to wonder how good a job we have done raising our kids. But for me, the divorce brought my concerns to the forefront. Had I provided enough; did I do the right things; did I teach him the right things; and was I cool enough? The questions seemed never-ending for me. Even though our separation and subsequent divorce was very amicable and was not caused by hatred or infidelity; the relationship had just run its course. It was time for us to move in different directions I still have concerns in regards to my son.

However, one Sunday afternoon just shortly before my son was to leave for college, all doubt was forever erased from my memory bank. My son stopped by my house and dropped off an envelope, before I could say hello he was out the door. In hindsight I now knew why.

Inside the envelope was a card. The card was not fancy or perversely humorous, which would normally be the case, just a plain small thank you card. The words on the inside brought tears to my eyes.

Dad……thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You are one of the reasons I have become the man I am today. You are my hero. You might not think you have, but you have been one hell of a father. I am so proud of you and wouldn’t want anyone else!!!! I love you!

These few short sentences made the stress, doubt and questions magically melt away. To quote an overused phrase…….”all was right with the world.” I hope everyone has the opportunity to have the same magical moment I experienced.

Oh, don’t’ think I don’t still have the stresses of everyday life, things have just become a hell of lot easier.

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