A Haunted Ending


The winner of the 2011 Christmas Story Writing Contest!   A Haunted Ending   By Megan Bilse   My body is covered in the reminders of a lifetime’s worth of battles but my heart bares the weight of them.  I am an old man now. Being alone carries a new meaning than it has throughout my life.  As I neared the end, I expected to be content with my success and look... Read More

His Magical Moment

Thank you card

Dad . . . Any parent  who has been divorced will tell you they have experienced a wee bit of fear over how the divorce has affected our children.  This is a perfect little story from one dad’s experience.   By Jim Smith I believe there comes a time in our lives when we question our worth; both our financial worth and our self worth. For me, over the last several years... Read More

His First Thanksgiving


This is wonderful little story comes from a good friend and avid Disfunctional Diva reader sharing his first post-divorce Thanksgiving.   by Jim Smith Some of my favorite memories of childhood, like most children, are of the holidays. It didn’t matter which holiday it was; these times were always stress-free and happy. The opportunity to see grandparents, aunts, uncles, and... Read More


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