Now I Pray

Two Little Monkeys sitting in a tree

Two Little Monkeys sitting in a tree   Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, If I shall die before I wake, I pray… I will have lived a life that has etched loving memories on the souls I leave behind, I pray… My stories retold brings laughter, tears, warmth and strength to the souls I leave behind.     P.S. Yes, my dear Sir, I listen,... Read More

To Be Loved Like Annabel Lee

Hammer Horror

I relish Edgar Allen Poe’s writings. I could say it’s because I grew up a Washingtonian (on the Virginia side) and Poe, although well traveled, was a hometown boy of sorts having spent many of his years in Richmond and Baltimore. As many of us know him from his masterful short stories, yet he was in essence, a latter day publicist’s nightmare.  He wrote in many different... Read More

Pay Attention, Give Attention, Get Attention


How is that I can order dinner for any man I have ever dated or married at any restaurant and get it right?  How come I know the way they like their coffee or what soda & candy bars were their favorite?  What sizes they wore?  What type of movies they loved?  What teams they cheered, what Nascar driver was their favorite?  Where to touch to start their engines?  What to... Read More

DysFUNctional Childhood Christmas Memories

Santa & The Girls

This time of year, the Christmas season, I find myself reminiscing of the Christmases of the past and my favorite Christmas memories. With the right music playing I can close my eyes, breathe deep and smell my mother’s crown roast cooking….. One of my best memories needs me to start by telling you that my father use to be able guess what his present was every year much... Read More


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