Now I Pray

Two Little Monkeys sitting in a tree

Two Little Monkeys sitting in a tree   Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, If I shall die before I wake, I pray… I will have lived a life that has etched loving memories on the souls I leave behind, I pray… My stories retold brings laughter, tears, warmth and strength to the souls I leave behind.     P.S. Yes, my dear Sir, I listen,... Read More

Missionary Margaritas

Best Ever Margarita

Yummy!!! Recently I got to play tour guide to some out-of-town friends.  Lucky me!  I do enjoy living in Kansas City and when I get to show off some of my favorites I delight. As most of you know I love the eccentric, one offs in local restaurants, bars and shops.  Friday night started with my friends voting for margaritas and Mexican.  So off to Habanero’s in Lee’s... Read More

And Oscar Goes To…


Oscar As most of you know about a month ago my beautiful little gunmetal grey Mercedes sedan was hit and totaled.  That in itself was a funny story. It was a dark and stormy night (said in a deep, creepy voice).  I was still living at my friend’s house, as you may have read in other stories and being that he is the ultimate toy boy (a man with great boy toys); he had of... Read More

Pay Attention, Give Attention, Get Attention


How is that I can order dinner for any man I have ever dated or married at any restaurant and get it right?  How come I know the way they like their coffee or what soda & candy bars were their favorite?  What sizes they wore?  What type of movies they loved?  What teams they cheered, what Nascar driver was their favorite?  Where to touch to start their engines?  What to... Read More


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