Pay Attention, Give Attention, Get Attention


How is that I can order dinner for any man I have ever dated or married at any restaurant and get it right?  How come I know the way they like their coffee or what soda & candy bars were their favorite?  What sizes they wore?  What type of movies they loved?  What teams they cheered, what Nascar driver was their favorite?  Where to touch to start their engines?  What to... Read More

Stalking – A New Take on an Old Art

Have you ever been to a bar and met someone where you just wondered about them?  Maybe it was their sincerity, maybe their sanity; maybe it was about their intentions, but no matter how normal they acting there was “something” that made you wonder.  This is my friend Jeff’s story about just that kind of wondering. He was hanging out at a local bar called Jerry’s... Read More

My Earth, My Moon

The Earth and the Moon

There’s this little thing called love………… it starts when one meets someone and is instantly drawn to the other like a moth to a flame………… but I need more…………  I want to be in a relationship like that of the Moon and Earth………… each magnificent and spectacular by itself but totally... Read More

How did I get here?

So how did we get to this point in our lives that we wonder why we are still half sane? I’m 48, working on wrapping up my third divorce.  I have three kids.  Oh, to be able to say one from each husband would be so white trash wonderful but really one is from #1 ex husband, and two are from #2 ex husband.  My third soon to be ex is, I guess, maybe my cougar experiment. I’m... Read More


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