About This Diva

Just me!

Just me!

This is me.

I’ll figure out what needs to go here soon……… tee hee!

In the mean time I hope you enjoy these little stories of my crazy life.

Update……. I am sorry if the writings have dwindled a bit I am writing “the book” which has been bouncing around my head for 15 years.  Please bare with me while I finish it up.  And yes, I am so enjoying writing it.  It is finally coming to life!

All the best to you,


P.S.  These are my original works, please understand copyright priviledges apply.  Be proper and kind and use citations.

17 Responses to “About This Diva”
  1. kevin k says:

    so this is the site of your ramblings? interesting

  2. Fireman Joe says:

    So these are the musings of a Diva? I will have to give the black koolaid a try at the fire station. Although my favorite is the one about how you got here…

  3. Fireman Joe says:

    How to build a better mouse trap…Thank you for a good laugh and smile, my favorite so far. So how about that gate with two inches of clearance?

    Fireman Joe

  4. John says:

    Nice website.

  5. George says:

    As one who has been through the wringer more than once in past history (2x loser) I found your many quips, muses, and some ramblings taking me from solemn reckonings to fits of boisterous buffoonery. Keep up the good work and always remember this “Normal” is only a setting on the dryer.

  6. David B says:

    I thought I would say hello. I hope all is going well for you. And I do enjoy your writings.

  7. Jeff Walsh says:

    My dryer has a “normal” setting. It was also has a “more dry” and “less dry” setting. Hello,the clothes came out of the washing machine. Now, I am supposed to gauge the degree of water in the clothes? “Less dry” means that the clothes are wetter than “more dry”.
    This is a Maytag stackable washer and dryer. I am sure that they had numerous meetings on this machine and the best that they could come up with is “more dry” and “less dry”?
    I got caught in the rain an hour ago and now I am “more dry” because before I was “less dry”. It just doesn’t work in any sentence.

  8. Looking forward to getting together with the “dysfunctional diva” for martinis. P.S. Love your website… Tiffany

  9. Tom says:

    That may be a kind of a blonde thing Rchel-smile.

  10. Wayne says:

    Funny…you don’t LOOK disfunctional !?!?…(o_~)…

  11. rick rodriguez says:

    Jus got started through some of the stories……hilarious, oooops i dont know if they’re suppose to be. Probably at the time it wasn’t funny, but i know there are alot of things in every day life, if we can add humor to it, life would be a dream..

  12. Jacob says:

    Hi Rachel

    You are funny and your stories are great!! The bunny eating etiquette is over the top but you know me I would just dive in and have it all over my face ha ha .

  13. Linn says:

    I wouldn’t call you disfunctional at all.

  14. Monte says:

    Okay, Rachel…. but only because you asked… and I really didn’t know where to post it… so here it is on the front page.

    Midnight Ramble

    If Horton a Who he heard, he said,
    And Curious George did find,
    If Owl and Pussycat went to sea
    Which pill would Alice Mind?
    But Mother Hubbard, bare cupboard and all
    Gave not a tinker’s dam
    While laughing dogs and jumping cows
    Ate green eggs with Sam, I am.
    That Dumpty Egg still cracked all round
    With Eeyore stayed till now
    And try with eagle eyes to see
    The longed for Purple Cow.
    These little ditties tried and true
    Give pause for one to see.
    Madhatter’s tea and rabbit hole
    Mean not a fig to me.

    P.S. … do we get to start a place for Limricks and other non-PC stuff… lmao


  15. Thank you Monte.

    Now get your butt back to that pen and paper and write more!

    Tee hee!

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